Friday, December 11, 2009

So glad I didn't wait!

Dropped the boys off at school, and practically ran home to get my camera. THE FIRST BIG SNOW! This is about the only time I like snow... so I thought it best to take advantage of it. There are now tracks all over the backyard, and wet jeans and socks in the dryer. The wind has been pretty fierce for a few days, and had mostly blown all the pretty stuff off the branches, but I caught a few delights tucked into corners. Since it is now blowing harder, and more snow is coming down, I thought the timing was just right... inside is where I want to be now.

But, since I made the effort...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Window clings

Window clings are a favorite of the boys, and each year we try to get at least two. This year gram came up with some, and we put them up on the window today. The boys will pull them off, or they will fall off, and we will move them around all month.

Some pictures were taken to go with this also.