Saturday, June 11, 2011

Link with Love

Such an amazing idea. See that? Over there on the right side? Awesomeness. I'm so honored to know Kal, and so often inspired by her ideas, her attitude, and her art. This idea is so BIG. So RIGHT. So perfectly in line with what I believe, what I've tried to teach, and what I require. RESPECT. LOVE. INSPIRATION. ART. SHARING. Link Back.
Learn more about this new program here.
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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ugh! I had this whole post typed up that didn't reflect my joy in this family AT ALL. It was a total bummer of a post, because I was reminded this week that they're not permanent Erie residents... so I got all negative. None of that, PLEASE. This family is far too fab to worry about next year. Instead, let's take a look back at last LAST year first, as in 2009. Way back then...
The Garrison's were my guinea pig family. They bravely dressed their kids nicely, and let me take them to the beach to see if I could do what my heart was telling me I could do.
Here are a few from that very, very first LHP session, before it was even LHP! Thanks to my good friends for letting me experiment on them, this session even resulted in some of the pictures that are still my favorites today.

For our 2010 session, they were all about capturing some more Erie memories. We spent some time downtown so they would have some photos of that area, and I get to experiment on the Garrisons AGAIN when we do this year's session - they've already reserved my first snowfall session this coming winter, much to Beth's dismay. :) I've convinced her that she can't leave Erie next year without capturing memories of her favorite season!

 Here is the video of our downtown session.

Music: Renee and Jeremy - Is there really any wonder?