Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reality Check

This week was an LHP bust. Just sayin. I greatly admire those photographers and business women who seem to merge family and business smoothly, particularly the 'work from home while the kids are there' kind. I am not that person. I have learned many things about myself this last year or so; and although I have always known that I am somewhat of a loner I was unaware how true that is. I enjoy being social, but when it is time to get something done I need to be alone. Being able to focus on a task while there are other people around (even astoundingly well-behaved small people) is just not something I'm going to be able to do. This realization means some changes... but it is a good thing to know about myself.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Anniversary Post

One year ago this month, I made the monumental decision to jump off a cliff. Well, not literally. I’ve developed a slight fear of heights as I get older, so cliff-diving isn’t in my future. But it certainly felt about the same. Nervous stomach. Floating, jittery limbs. Complete lack of confidence. FEAR. Lots of fear.

That’s where all of you come in. My friends, family, and online community have supported me more in the last 18 months than I ever dreamed possible.

October 2010 is the One Year Anniversary of LHP. Lani Harmon Photography. (It still gives me chills to write out the name of my business like that.) One year ago, after encouragement from friends and family, I went PRO. I got a business license, a great accountant, some insurance, and I began to dream again, to live for something. Beyond the joy of children, my sleepless nights have felt very similar to the birth of a child, and the first year of parenthood with a new baby. Worry, anxiety, problems, issues, setbacks, creative solutions and extreme joy are a part of every parent’s journey, and LHP has been my 3rd child for the last year. Like all new parents, I relied heavily (sometimes neurotically!) on my support system, and I wouldn’t feel the satisfaction of success that I feel today without the blessings I have received from all of you.

Each new year brings changes, and the same is true for LHP. Since I am strictly a Natural Light Photographer who also lives in Erie, PA my business has a very busy season, and a (cough) not so busy season. I consider April through October to be the Interactive season of my business. I’m out of the house as much as possible: at the beach, on location, at client’s homes, with my laptop and camera, capturing memories and sharing them with all of you. The weather in Erie this summer has been phenomenal, but as every Erie-ite knows, our time in the Sun is limited and fleeting! Once the snow starts to fly, I start to hibernate. The wintertime is a season of growth for my business though, it is when all the ideas that float through my head like vapor during the summer solidify and become reality. It is when new products are announced, new ideas germinate, and things change. These different phases of my business allow me to fully utilize all my creative energy, both with portraits, and with marketing. Lucky, lucky me.

So, while I finish up my Interactive phase, and prepare for my Growth phase, check back often for new information, updates and announcements. I hope to see the website grow, product offerings grow, and creativity blossom this winter, and I hope you can join me.

Thank you. You are my inspiration.